‘Bold bee-lievers’ buzz in for VBS

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It was a week of zipping, zapping and zooming, a week of teaching, a week of learning, a week of believing.
And it was very exhausting, at least for the adult volunteers who helped make St. Matthew’s  2012 Vacation Bible School a success.
“It really added something to our Matthew 25 service outreach,” said VBS director Christa Cross of the program. Children who receive services from the Carl Perkins Center were invited guests. “We were able to spend more time with them, get to know them and make a better connection than we’ve been able to make during our dinners.”
This year’s theme, “Planet Zoom,” made “bold bee-lievers” out of the two dozen children who attended by relating Jesus’ calling of his disciples and followers to those of bees in a hive.
The children were introduced to Scout, a bee in the Planet Zoom hive, and four other bee friends who guided them through the week Bible stories that taught them to be bold bee-lievers of Jesus.
Take-home points were:
?  Jesus, our Savior, came to seek and save the lost
?   Jesus, our Savior, does big things
?    Jesus, our Savior, says, “Believe!”
?   Jesus, our Savior,  tells us to go and tell
? Jesus, our Savior, works through His people

Planet Zoom shared a new perspective that encourages even the littlest bee-lievers to make a big difference in God’s big world. No child is too young to understand the depth of Jesus’ love.
“A lot of times, VBS is so goofy and silly, but this was really applicable,” Cross said. “It was an awesome theme.”
There were many wonderful moments during the week but the best part, she said, was when two boys walked up and asked to join VBS while the children were playing a game outside during the day where they learned that Jesus wants them to seek and save the lost.
“Giving kids just walking by a place to go and be a part of something was great. This really went beyond my expectations and hopes; I was hoping for 15 kids and we had almost 10 more. It was almost like ‘Field of Dreams,’ if you build it, they will come.”
Cross hopes this is only the beginning of a great legacy for St. Matthew’s and it’s Christian education program.
“I wanted to do something that will make a name for us as a church that welcomes anybody and reaches out to children.”
Though it’s a small parish, St. Matthew’s was able to pull off VBS for at least the first time in a decade.
“It’s really hard for a church like St. Matthew’s to do something so involved, especially with the lack of planning, time and experience, but we did it!”
The “Planet Zoom” theme will continue this summer in children’s Sunday School.

Special thanks to Mary Dell Boyd, Gayle and Emmett Hartsfield, Jean Wines, Fr. Bill Ryan and Rich Fletcher for assisting with VBS.

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